❝ I vouch for Kars1996 as he's a great staff member with almost all of his bans/punishments being accurate. He's also a great developer at Muffinized as he's patched many anticheat bypasses and other ingame bugs. He has great staffing experience and is also a great person to talk to. On some days he can be active for 6+ hours a day. Kars was a great member of staff and Muffinized was lucky to have him. ❞


❝ Looking for a high quality dev? Kars is my best Recommendation! ❞


❝ Very legit 100% not a scam, he's the best human being ever, he's very trustworthy ❞


❝ I've been with Kars since the very start of his joining to Muffinized, I remember him being a trial mod and literally 4 days after be promoted to Developer. My experience with him has been overall great, he's cool and I enjoy being a staff member with him on Muffinized. ❞


❝ With the experience I had working hand in hand with Kars, I guarantee that this absolute unit of a guy will not only be a contrasting addition to your workplace with humour like there's no tomorrow, but also a truly hardworking individual. Absolute legend. ❞


❝ Kars is a very hard working man, love working with him, he does great work with many languages such as python and Java and many other languages. He has a open mind, very intelligent and I just love the way he works. He created many projects such as Hercules, Sudo bot and many and helped me with my issues and my projects. Great dude! ❞


❝ I can vouch that Kars is a Great developer, Worth paying some MONEY as he is very Talented and effective. ❞


❝ W Staff ❞


❝ I'm a former colleague of Kars1996 and I can safely vouch for Kars here as he was an amazing co-staff/collegue, great dev, active staff, great advice, etc. I say he'd be a great addition to your staff team as he is efficient when I worked with him. We were collegues for about a year and a quarter or so. In that time I knew him I grew to becom a good friend of his and mine. I suggest adding him to your staff team as he was a great staff when I worked with him in the past. ❞


❝ Kars is real person, very trustworthy, and cool ❞


❝ My experience with him has been great, he is being nice and cool everytime I talk with him, and I overall enjoy talking, and working with him ❞


❝ In my time working with Kars, he has showed some maturity skills rare individuals show, I'd describe him as a extreamly talented individual showing extensive staff management knowlage. His exceptional work and great mood is always increasing our Staff team's productivity and helps server grow. All in all Kars has my full Vouch as a GREAT staff and general manager. ❞


❝ Kars is a hardworking, helpfull and really cooperative developer. A real one fr ❞


❝ a sweet silly man. also very pretty ❞